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These include moving out of her parents house and becoming a TV producer. Six months down the line Eve is well on her way to achieving her aims as she's now living with Adam, her trainee doctor boyfriend and is working at Lookback TV as an assistant. At work she's involved in the production of a new reality TV show in which engaged couples have to compete against each other. Everything seems to be going along fine until there's a mix up and Eve gets the blame. To save the day, she's persuaded to take part as a contestant in the show along with Adam. The only problem is, Adam hasn't proposed and they've only been a couple for a few months.

This leads to a series of comedy mishaps and adventures for Eve, including her seeking help from Gudrun, a sex therapist. I have to say I absolutely loved the chapters with Gudrun and her 'European-ish' accent; brilliant and very funny. I just wish Gudrun was in the book more. My DisOrganised Life is a light easy read which I thoroughly enjoyed. It is fluffy and predictable but sometimes that is just what you want from a book. It is maybe a tad long with probably a bit too much unnecessary detail when it comes to the making of the reality TV show.

For example I kept getting confused with the contestants and wasn't massively interested in them but then, I'm not a fan of reality TV. But I still loved the book and found that when I had finished it I was missing Eve and her antics. My DisOrganised Life is written by Nina Whyle, an author I'd never heard of before being approached to read this book. This really intrigues me as to how they go about their writing process. I genuinely don't know but whatever they do, it works. Therefore if you want something easy to read and a good giggle, then grab a copy of My DisOrganised Life.

Thank you Nina Whyle for sending me a copy, I'll definitely be reading more from you. May 15, Marica The Book Chick rated it liked it. You can read more of my reviews at my blog The Book Chick. I'm not much of a chick lit person, never really been actually. It is probably the one genres I read the least of. But when I do, I do prefer to read British chick lit's.

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It is something special with it. I do not know if it is the language, the wording or what it is. But when stuff happens, it just makes it so much funnier. I was contacted by one of the authors and they gave me the book for free against an honest review. And even though You can read more of my reviews at my blog The Book Chick. And even though I really, really wanted to love it, it was just not something for me. I did like it, I did, but unfortunately there is no love here. The story is written from Eve's point of view. She is a young something woman who works as an assistant at a TV show production company.

She is one of those type of people who are a little social awkward and has a lot of bad luck. She doesn't have a lot of friends, her parents are highly religious and her sister is little of a rebel. Her boss is amazing, she has a wonderful boyfriend but unfortunately a colleague that totally hates her and tries to make her life a living hell.

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Not only that but she is also an obsessive list writer. And one of those lists is about to make her world even crazier. Because one item on that list is "Getting Married". There is many attempts to humor in this book. Some more successful than others. I didn't fell deep enough in the book to actually have this loud "haha" moments but I did snicker a couple of times. I find that the book is unevenly written and specially in the end. There is a big part of the book where there is not that much that is happening and suddenly we are at the end and it is almost frantic.

Like it need to be done. And that just makes me stressed out.

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I also had some trouble with connecting to the characters. I did find the character Gudrun, hilarious, though. The dialog, dialect and questions was so strait forward and she was funny.

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I could totally picture her in my head. Too bad I didn't see more of her than I did. The book has some great moments and it was an easy read.

Would I recommend the book? If you seek something easy and light, this is one of those book. And if you really like the genre Chick Lit, you will probably love this one. Jun 28, Rae Colley rated it liked it Shelves: Fortunately for me, I love both pools and Sophie Kinsella, so I found much to enjoy in this novel. Eve Poots is a slightly scatterbrained twenty-something who works on the television crew of a reality TV show.

Ditto to her finding romance on the set of a couples reality show. Eve bumbles around in a sort of Bridget Jones fashion and has a similar charming naivete. Certainly the author did not realize that Americans use that word as a slang term for passing gas, or maybe she did. The greater problem is the writing. Whyle is no Helen Fielding, or even Sophie Kinsella. Figurative language is not a strength, and the metaphors are bland and uninspiring. Nina Whyle actually a pseudonym for two friends writing collaboratively does a fine job with pacing and she pulls off a satisfying, if predictable, ending.

Jan 07, Gayathri rated it really liked it Shelves: Originally written for Musings Over Nothing The whole book is written from a single point of view, Eve's and seems like a long monologue. The writing is crisp and witty, at most places, making the read interesting, even if the scenes are somewhat cliched. There are many funny instances in the book, especially her talk with Gudrun and the very many tongue in cheek sexual innuendos.

I like the prude, list making, in-the-closet-atheist Eve, even when there were times when I cringed at her 'innocent' Originally written for Musings Over Nothing The whole book is written from a single point of view, Eve's and seems like a long monologue.

Nina Whyle: April

I like the prude, list making, in-the-closet-atheist Eve, even when there were times when I cringed at her 'innocent'? On the other hand, I felt that the story is one dimensional and did not feel the depth of any character, making it hard to like them. I had several questions unanswered. What was happening between Chuck and Luce? What was Jake thinking?

Who won the contest? At one point of time, I felt Eve was just being so self obsessed that she never once enquired about Luce's relationship Yes I know. I imagine the characters and their emotions are real.

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There were many British pop culture references that I had to Google to understand or could have ignored them.. A light-hearted breezy novel with witty and snarky dialogues, I will look forward to reading further more from the author s I was provided with a copy of this by So Vain Books in exchange for an honest review. Let me start with the stuff I didn't like: One of Eve's bosses, he seems to delight in causing trouble for her and while nightmare bosses can be a great plot device, the one thing that was neglected was why he was behaving like this.

To be honest, I was half expecting him to get together with Eve in the end or at least declare his undying love, his bad behaviour caused by an attraction to her. As it is, h I was provided with a copy of this by So Vain Books in exchange for an honest review. As it is, he disappears off into the distance without it ever being explained why he behaves in the way that he does and for a nightmare boss, he really is one of the worst I've ever read about.

Fighting Love: The gloves are off for Harry as she faces her biggest challenge yet!

On the other hand, there's a lot to like. Gudrun, for example, the eccentric sex therapist. I could have done with more of her in the book, because she was such a fun, unusual character. And, of course, Eve. It always helps when a protagonist is likeable and Eve is one of those people you warm to. Overall, it's a fun, light hearted read that will appeal to fans of the genre.

Mar 29, Sophie Childs rated it really liked it. Mar 20, Kirsty Hoggons rated it liked it. I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. When I read this book I was also going through a very tough time in my life so I felt as thought I could relate to the main character a lot. I though that the book was very slow to start but the minute I felt myself relating to her it started picking up. My Dis Organised Life. When Life Goes Pop! Moving Up On Manolos. Find us on Facebook. Where have all the Flowers Gone?!?

Hope you all Enjoyed Easter Hols! Easy going ana really good read.

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By Selina Davison on 8 September. I have a bachelor degree in Theatre. Growing a back-bone - pending Has her life suddenly turned into a TV melodrama of its own? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Real good 'feel good' book.

Would make a nice holiday read when sat on the beach. Fighting Love A Romantic Comedy Kindle Edition I enjoyed this book, it was an easy read funny in parts kept me entertained would recommend to a friend. Would recommend this book to friends. A great holiday read. If so, you might be interested in these items. Oct 08, Author of The Secret to Falling in Love. Nina Whyle wants to read. Oct 05, Nina Whyle liked a quote. Giggles can spread from person to person. But maybe the most powerful infectious thing is the act of speaking the truth.

Sep 12, Jun 08, Nina Whyle rated a book it was amazing. Jan 12, There are a lot of great stories out there, just waiting for readers to find them! Wr Why should major publishing houses determine everything we read? Writers and readers unite! Let's share well-written and interesting books we're reading. Addicted to Novels - YA Books and more Also check out the fun games and Addicted to books? Also check out the fun games and random questions! Feel free to post your blogs!

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