Theres Nothing Like A Breast

Miley Cyrus’ bare-breast flash nothing like Janet Jackson’s
Omar - There's Nothing Like This (12" Version)

Thankfully, she was not alone. In Singapore, the National Breastfeeding Survey found that both working and stay-at-home mothers stopped breastfeeding earlier than expected due to their inability to produce enough milk.

These shorter breastfeeding periods are likely due to the stressful environments mothers are exposed to, as revealed in a study by the University of Rochester. From research and conversations with breastfeeding mothers, it was evident that the fear of judgement from non-mothers, and men especially, were stopping them from feeding their own children.

Then, public acceptance could be greater, because mothers would be sharing their side of the story. Thus, the Bare It For Baby campaign was born.

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From parks to swimming pools and even in an arcade, I went around Singapore to take these photos and to talk to these mothers about their breastfeeding journey. As I came to understand the complexity of this problem, I realised that if non-mothers were not crossing paths with mothers, they would always perceive public breastfeeding as a controversial talking point.

With more media coverage, more people took notice of the campaign, leading to more mothers coming forward to be part of the photo series.

Yet, based on first impressions that I gathered, it was baffling to find that many non-mothers were unaware of the basic rights of a mother in Singapore. Some thought that public breastfeeding was illegal, and raised concerns as to whether I was allowed to post such material. I was not surprised by that response because I, too, googled whether public breastfeeding was legal in Singapore. To my surprise, search results showed that every mother has the right to publicly breastfeed and there is no law against it in Singapore.

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In fact, the Health Promotion Board has been actively promoting breastfeeding among mothers, with advertisements from as early as the s. Another issue that came to light recently were online comments made by keyboard warriors about the campaign.

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Sheer numbers limited Cyrus' exposure, even if the curtain didn't. The Super Bowl was seen by an estimated 86 million viewers. The Nielsen ratings company said the Video Music Awards was seen by 9.

Entertainment journalist Alicia Quarles, former global entertainment editor for The Associated Press, said the shock factor has worn off. Similarly, not much work is required for a glimpse of Cyrus' bare breasts.

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The year-old former child star has posed for a handful of nude or topless magazine portraits in the past few years. Since finding one of those risque moments, like when Cyrus twerked with Robin Thicke during the program, is the whole point of the VMAs, a flash couldn't have been considered much of a surprise.

Condemnation of the incident from the Parents Television Council immediately afterward took on a weary, almost defeatist tone. Edit Article Add New Article.

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