Donn's Boat Shop is a full manufacturing facility, capable of making just about anything your boat requires.

Universal for any type of mounting, size of railing, or anchor. Pipe allows shank of anchor to slide down pipe with or without rope. Can mount to inside or outside of railing. As the flukes stop on the pipe it makes a nice convenient place to wrap up the rope. You then just need to grab the anchor and you have everything in one swoop to go anchor! Anchor holder has an universal mounting plate; just drill holes wherever it meets up with your railings. Could also be cut to length to “customize” if you desired!

Gangplanks are made out of 3/16 marine grade aluminum, double folded edges for safety, and three rows of non slip tape. Our uniuqe half pipe mounting system assures a solid secure mounting system that will not come off during normal boat movement or use. But during major boat movement in a storm it will simply realease instead of breaking the bow pin or eyelets which then would require welding! Gangplank dimensions are 16” wide, 8’ long and 2” thick. Fits easily into most existing “bow gang plank holders.”

This is a plastic product to replace existing canvas on your canopy top or canvas around railings. This is a one-time shot that will never rot, tear, fade, and is uv protected for life. It is a lot stronger and safer for children as well. Product is flexible, can easily be bent around corners, tied in a knot, and will not break! Product is easily cut with any hand saw, power saw, or router. Never stains or gets dirty. Nothing sticks to it. Nothing! Can sale just in plastic sheet form (481/2”x961/2”) or in kit form which includes h-channel to join sheets together and aluminum rivots to fasten product.

Designed for thru roof applications on most houseboats. Davit can easily be cut down for custom fit for any heighth or application. Davit has a load rating of 1,000 lbs. Can be shipped with or without a winch motor. We offer a 12 volt d.c. winch or a 120-volt a.c. winch. Construction is out of marine grade aluminum and all hardware is marine grade stainless steel. Pulley is also stainless steel with a sealed bearing.


If you can think it, we can make it!