The Witchs Coven: Finding or Forming Your Own Circle (Llewellyns Modern Witchcraft)

The Witch's Coven: Finding or Forming Your Own Circle

The Way of the Shaman Michael Harner.

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Most people learn about the Craft through books or friends. The Meaning of Witchcraft. Which Witches Coven is Which? Refresh and try again. She covers the basic differences between covens, networking and group dynamics, sensible ways in joining or starting your own, initiation rites, problems that arise or could arise, resolving conflict and parting ways, ethics, and teaching secrets.

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Mystical Qabalah Dion Fortune. Enchantment of the Faerie Realm Ted Andrews. About Edain McCoy Edain became a self-initiated Witch in and has been an active part of the Pagan community since her formal initiation into a large San Antonio coven in Edain has researched alternative spiritualities since her teens, when she was first introduced to Kaballah, or Jewish mysticism. Since that time, she has studied a variety of magickal paths including Celtic, Appalachian folk magick, and Curanderismo, a Mexican-American folk tradition.

Today, Edain is part of the Wittan Irish Pagan tradition, where she is a priestess of Brighid and an elder.

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An alumnus of the University of Texas with a BA in history, she is affiliated with several professional writer's organizations and occasionally presents workshops on magickal topics or works individually with students who wish to study Witchcraft. The thoughtforms origin makes more sense because, again, we're dealing with the lives and folk beliefs of poor and illiterate people.

Write it out To get the most out of your book you must write it yourself. Words written by you stick in your head more securely than words that are spoken by you or read to you.

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Writing is a slow process, and by writing things down, you'll find that concepts will clarify themselves and new questions will arise to guide your spiritual growth. If you're not going to get the most out of writing, then you'd better rethink your interest in Witchcraft because most of it is just plain old hard work and requires a substantial investment of time and personal energy to master. Many modern Witches keep their Books of Shadows on computers, and this is fine as long as the Witch types the information himself.

All this means is that photocopying and downloading information are not the ways to keep your book. Do your own typing or writing to get the most benefit from it. At that time covens, teachers, and reliable books were scarce. Today, Wicca and other forms of Paganism are among the fastest growing spiritual movements in the world. Books, covens, teachers, and other students are everywhere and Witches are present in every level of society.

Publisher Series: Llewellyn's Modern Witchcraft

Whether you teach yourself, work with other beginners, have a study group with access to a teacher or teachers, or have a whole teaching coven to help you, you will be challenged by the powers of the universe and by your God and Goddess as you progress toward the end of your year and a day.

You will be expected to do much reading -not just of Craft books, but of astronomy, astrology, mythology, physics, and botany. You will learn to expand your thinking to include multiple realities, omnipresent time, and the fact that many paths and ideas can lead us to reunion with our creator or creators, which is the ultimate purpose of any religion.

You will run into lots of other Pagans along the way, some of whom you will like and others you won't. This is because we're not our religion; we're just people, and that means we're not perfect. This is also the reason some covens hum with high energy and other just lie around doing nothing.

How Do I Start A Coven?

Some Witches who've been through these immature rumbles often leave for another coven or for solitary practice. If you pick up Pagan magazines, you will often hear all this nonspiritual teeth-gnashing called a Witch War or, my favorite, Witchcrap. Unfortunately, no religion has found a way to keep its zealots under control.

Those who practice with us but naysay every point create a chasm within good covens by turning their focuses on infighting and pointless arguments. We are all always students and all always teachers. Even after more than twenty years in the Craft, I learn new things all the time, often from newcomers. This is another illustration of the wheel of existence on which we ride through time and space. Nothing is linear, everything is a circular, coming to us, going from us, and returning to us again.

As you study Witchcraft, read with a critical eye for things you like and things you don't like and for things that don't strike you as accurate. This should be done whenever you read a Craft book or when discussing a book's merits with others. I've made many mistakes by accepting things I was told early on without using my powers of reasoning. Blind faith is disastrous in a religion called the Craft of the Wise.

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I've found blatant mistakes in many Craft books, even my own. To be the best Witch you can be, resolve to purge your mind of any and all images Hollywood has shown you, then hop on your inner broomstick and ride with me into the world of the moon, the sun, and magickal living. Only by experiencing knowledge can it become wisdom and be of any use to us spiritually. Witchcraft is a lifelong commitment -not just to a religion but to a way of living in harmony with all other beings.

The learning and teaching process is another one of our cycles that never ends. How high you fly is up to you. Discover your needs, test your personal powers, seek out your patron deities, and dig in the dirt that is the Great Mother who gave you life, for only then will you know for sure if you want to be a Witch. If you love books, you know the feeling of excitement and possibility that comes with delving into a promising new read. Books provide us with fresh thoughts, fresh inspiration, and fresh experiences.

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Michelle said: Another of Ms McCoy's books and yet I must admit I enjoyed this one more. The Witch's Coven: Finding or Forming Your Own Circle Published May 8th by Llewellyn Publications (first published May 1st ) Witch's Coven: Finding or Forming Your Own Circle (Llewellyn's Modern Witchcraft). The Witch's Coven: Finding or Forming Your Own Circle (Llewellyn's Modern Witchcraft) [Edain McCoy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Metaphysical books in particular can truly open doorways into "new worlds of body, mind, and spirit," as Llewellyn Worldwide's well-known slogan Sign up to receive special offers and promotions from Llewellyn. Print On Demand , only available within the United States. Leave a review at Goodreads. The Magickal Life of the Man Behind Llewellyn Publications If you love books, you know the feeling of excitement and possibility that comes with delving into a promising new read. Discovering the Religion of the Ancient Greeks.

The Path of a Christian Witch. Amber K , Azrael Arynn K.