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This book--originally published under the title Apocalypse--is his verse-by-verse commentary on the book of Revelation. Throughout, Bullinger keeps his attention on both the immediate context of a verse, and the remote contexts of the rest of Scripture. He frequently addresses other views, and explains why he believes them to be poor understandings of the text. Some of Bullinger's other views--for example, his "ultra-dispensationalism"--come through the text every now and again, providing a more holistic look at Bullinger's theology.

Revelation: A Shorter Commentary

Bullinger provides countless footnotes with additional research, providing readers the opportunity for further exploration. All-in-all, many readers have found their personal beliefs challenged and shaped by this book. Tim Perrine CCEL Staff Writer This edition features an artistic cover, a new promotional introduction, an index of scripture references, links for scripture references to the appropriate passages, and a hierarchical table of contents which makes it possible to navigate to any part of the book with a minimum of page turns. Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance. Word Studies on the Holy Spirit. The Prayers of Ephesians. Product details File Size: Christian Classics Ethereal Library; 1. July 23, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention bullinger bible understanding serious god truth students biblical study chapter scholarship matter mystery scripture studying word church verse.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. There is no other commentary that compares. Based on solid biblical rules of interpretation rather than the wild speculations one often encounters with the book of Revelation. If you want to really know what the book of Revelation is actually about, this commentary is your guide.

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Faithlife Proclaim Church presentation software. The superscription, Revelation 1: The salutation and response, Revelation 1: The epistolary greeting, Revelation 1: The dedication, Revelation 1: The prophetic testimony, Revelation 1: The setting of the vision, Revelation 1: The content of the vision, Revelation 1: The results of the vision, Revelation 1: The word of comfort, Revelation 1: The commission to write, Revelation 1: The message to the church in Ephesus, Revelation 2: The recipient, Revelation 2: The Speaker, Revelation 2: The message, Revelation 2: The invitation, Revelation 2: The promise, Revelation 2: The message to the church in Smyrna, Revelation 2: The message to the church in Pergamum, Revelation 2: The message to the church in Thyatira, Revelation 2: The message to the church in Sardis, Revelation 3: The message to the church in Philadelphia, Revelation 3: The message to the church in Laodicea, Revelation 3: The divine throne and the sealed book, Revelation 4: The opened door in heaven, Revelation 4: The enthroned Sovereign, Revelation 4: The scene connected with the throne, Revelation 4: The worship of the One on the throne, Revelation 4: The sealed book and its challenge, Revelation 5: The Lamb in the midst of the throne,Revelation 5: The universal worship of the Lamb, Revelation 5: The events of the great tribulation period, Revelation 6: The opening of the seven seals, Revelation 6: The sealing of , of Israel, Revelation 7: The saved multitude out of all nations, Revelation 7: The sounding of the seven trumpets, Revelation 8: The angelic announcement of three woe trumpets, Revelation 8: The strong angel and the little book, Revelation The temple and the two witnesses, Revelation The measuring of the temple, Revelation The career of the two witnesses, Revelation Personages of the great tribulation, Revelation The woman and the dragon, Revelation The dragon and the man-child, Revelation The expulsion of Satan and his angels from heaven, Revelation The dragon's persecution of the woman and her seed, Revelation The two ruling beasts, Revelation The beast from the sea, Revelation The beast from the earth, Revelation The Lamb and the , on Mount Zion, Revelation The three angelic messengers, Revelation The proclamation of the eternal Gospel, Revelation The announcement of the fall of Babylon, Revelation The warning against worship of the beast, Revelation The announcement concerning the blessed dead, Revelation The reapers of earth's harvest, Revelation The "son of man" and the harvest, Revelation The angel and the vintage of God's wrath, Revelation The pouring out of the seven bowls, Revelation The heavenly preparation for the final judgments, Revelation The sign of the seven bowl angels, Revelation The vision of the overcomers, Revelation The preparation of the seven angels for judgment, Revelation The satanic preparations for Armageddon, Revelation The overthrow of Babylon, Revelation The judgment upon the great harlot, Revelation The vision of the harlot, Revelation The agents of her judgment, Revelation The execution of the judgment, Revelation The destruction of the great city, Revelation The angelic proclamation of Babylon's fall, Revelation The voice from heaven concerning the fall, Revelation The angelic act and dirge over the fall, Revelation The return of Christ in glory, Revelation The rejoicing in heaven, Revelation The rejoicing over the judgment of the harlot, Revelation The rejoicing over the marriage of the Lamb, Revelation The correction of John's attempted worship, Revelation The return of Christ to earth as Conqueror, Revelation The coming of the King with His armies, Revelation The summoning of the birds to the great supper of God, Revelation The doom of the enemies on earth, Revelation The millennial Kingdom, Revelation The binding of Satan for one thousand years, Revelation The millennial reign of Christ with the saints, Revelation The crushing of the final Satan-led rebellion, Revelation The postmillennial events, Revelation The judgment of the dead at the great white throne, Revelation The new heaven and the new earth, Revelation The vision of the New Jerusalem, Revelation The description of the city, Revelation The delights of the city, Revelation The conclusion, Revelation The trustworthiness of the Revelation, Revelation The worthiness of God alone as object of worship, Revelation The concluding instructions concerning the book, Revelation The words of comfort and assurance, Revelation The warning against altering the book, Revelation The concluding testimony concerning the coming, Revelation The benediction, Revelation Comment - I have scanned several sections of this page work and found it to be a lucid, literalistic interpretation.

It is well-reasoned and not sensationalistic and therefore is recommended to supplement your study of the great Revelation of Jesus Christ. His perspective is full verbal inspiration, and a literal interpretation in the futuristic vein. At times things are rather artificially blocked off: Morris holds that the 24 elders are men, the locust-like beings of chapter 9 are demonic spirits, the two witnesses of chapter 11 are Enoch and Elijah who have waited in heaven in their natural bodies [?

Babylon in chapters 17—18 is the literal, rebuilt city of Babylon on the Euphrates as a world center of trade, communications, education, etc. Morris is fairly thorough in taking things literally and gives his reasons, but allows for symbolism, e. The overcomers are defined by John in his letter declaring "For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world-- our faith.

And who is the one who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God? In short, overcomers are not some that are "more faithful" but are those who have faith in Jesus! Although this author is not well known like many of the writers of commentaries on the Revelation, without a doubt Garland's work is one of the more complete conservative resources available in any format and this one is available online for free or for purchase in digital format [ A Testimony of Jesus Christ - Logos Bible Software ] or as a hardbound book [ Ref.

An unusual feature of this book is that Garland explores the many connections between the visions seen by the Apostle John and previous prophetic revelation given to Old Testament prophets such as Daniel, Ezekiel, and others. There are also well over bibliographic references.

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Published 10 months ago. Moody Press, Click for his sermons which correspond to his published commentaries. Hiebert - A premillennial interpretation advocating a mid-tribulation rapture. The divine throne and the sealed book, Revelation 4: Rosscup - T his is a premillennial, dispensational study which takes a thorough-going literal approach to the book. The dedication, Revelation 1: The sounding of the seven trumpets, Revelation 8:

Another interesting aspect of this commentary is that the author often discusses other interpretations of specific passages. For example, see the Revelation The hardbound version of this commentary is pages Read the reviews of this book at Amazon If you are thinking about preaching or teaching through Revelation, this commentary is a "must have! Finally, another helpful feature of this commentary is frequent use of tables see complete list on a variety of subjects to aid quick comparison such as Rosscup - Michaels takes no stand on authorship by the Apostle John, using arbitrary reasoning against it 18— He also is flimsy and misrepresenting in remarks against a futurist approach, as if simply not properly informed of how better futurist thinkers explain details, and unfair to them His bibliography does not even list Robert L.

The same seeming lack of awareness shows in discussing the , who, to Michaels, are saints out of all nations in 7: One would almost think that he author did this amillennial work without checking many interpreters who argue the hermeneutical naturalness of taking literal views in Rev.

So he often is out of touch, and limits his readers where he might have provided more representative, informed discussions. The author uses Scripture to try to explain the symbols of the book. Generally takes a literal, conservative approach but you must be a Berean Acts He has some charts which are nice but must be viewed with the same Berean mindset!

Rosscup on MacArthur's published 2 volume commentary on Revelation - Here pp.

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MacArthur makes points of truth applicable in various parts of the Revelation to guide believers to live godly lives. Seeing Christ More Clearly 2. There is None Like Him 3. Ephesus — A Drifting Church 4. Smyrna — A Delightful Church 5. Pergamos — A Divided Church 6. Thyatira — A Depraved Church 7. Sardis — A Dead Church 8.

Philadelphia — Another Delightful Church 9. Laodicea — A Disgraceful Church A New Song in Heaven The Opening Of The Seals: The Two Witnesses Conflict Involving Satan The Second Beast The Lord God Triumphant: The Last Judgments Introduced The Harlot of Revelation 17 Commercial Babylon Under Fire All About Heaven A major weakness is that he does not document his sources so that it becomes difficult to check up on him. Click "text" for transcripts. Given that Dr John Piper is one of the most influential modern pastors, it would be interesting to see how he interprets prophetic topics like the "millennium.

An Exegetical Commentary: Revelation (2 vols.)

My sermon last Sunday may raise the same question. I am becoming a more hope-filled pre-millennialist.

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What in the world does all this mean? After that he must be loosed for a little while. This seems to imply a time of great glory for the church and victory over evil. Post-millennialists believe that Christ will return after post the thousand-year period. At that point he will judge unbelievers and establish the new heavens and new earth. Then Christ will come. Most of the missionaries of the early modern missionary movement were post-millennialists Eliot, Brainerd, Carey, etc. The Puritans that I praised on Sunday were post-millennialist.

Their hope was that the gospel would eventually conquer the world before Christ returned. Here is an excerpt from David Brickner, the head of Jews for Jesus, in a dialogue with John Piper who has some questionable in my opinion and in Brickner's opinion teachings on the nation of Israel -. I appreciate your clear statement of belief in God's continuing purposes for ethnic Israel. I also note that you affirm, "God promised to Israel the presently disputed land from the time of Abraham onward.


As I see it, this disconnect occurs at two important points.