Better Lairs and Dungeons

However, if you do want the additional lairs and locations, just without having to purchase a supplemental monster manual, then most of the lairs can be repurposed to house similar monsters from whichever monster manual you own, although this does require a little more work on the part of the DM. Rather than having a specific monster in mind and then working backward to determine its lair, Fantastic Locations asks what would be a cool place to explore and have encounters in and creates that place.


Kindle Edition , pages. Where will it all take place? You can drag the. If you are familiar with modding, these are comparable with reference points AP's. This can be used to your advantage if you desire to create a rare version of your dungeon. The first thing I flipped to check?

Fantastic Locations features awe-inspiring destinations for adventurers to explore, but it leaves the job of filling them with monsters and narrative to the dungeon master. By offering just enough information and detail to inspire the imagination, it allows you to bring the location to life at the table. It explores 20 fantastic locations, and because they are context-free they are suitable for throwing at parties of any level. Characters of 1 st level might be just as likely to explore The Ziggurats of the Doom Priests as those of 20 th level.

While the illustrations included are very good and evocative of the locations described, some DMs will struggle to see the value of this book, lacking in maps as it is.

Better Lairs and Dungeons

However, this is not an accident. Mike Shea, the author, did not simply forget to include maps, it was a conscious choice to allow DMs more freedom to fill out any location to suit the needs and desires of their players. Not being constrained to X amount of squares or rooms or passages forces you to add your own spin on the dungeon and all you have to do is sketch out a quick layout and the use the descriptions provided.

If the previous chapters layout some cool dungeons to use, these are the ones that will really help you build on your dungeon mastering credentials for the future. With essential tips on modifying existing locations, what to include in your own dungeons, how to view the bigger picture, and much more, Fantastic Locations offers more than just some cool places for your adventurers to fight things. Fantastic Locations explodes with epic destinations, my favorites of which are the Dam of Kings and the Bighted Evertree.

Again, both of these will be featuring heavily in my upcoming campaign.

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As with the Book of Lairs , a companion art book for Fantastic Locations is available as PDF, perfect for sharing with your players at the table without having to worry about spoilers. Mindflayers, Beholders, Yuan-ti, and more all feature in this book, which includes basic maps and descriptions for the liars. You can either run a pre-existing, published adventure or you can try to create your own. Whilst running the pre-existing WotC campaigns is a lot of fun, they do have their limitations.

For precise dungeons, or even complete one-shot adventures, the Book of Lairs is perfect for delivering some unexpected surprises and intricately detailed monster lairs. Ideal, perhaps, for newer DMs who want to give their players a taste of something novel. For those DMs with a little more experience under their belt, Fantastic Locations represents the perfect next step to DM-greatness. Get the Official GeekDad Books!

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Book of Lairs The Book of Lairs focuses more on the homes of specific monsters rather than context-free locations, but in some ways that makes running them easier. Brilliantly Designed Dungeons As you would expect, the Book of Lairs has some brilliantly designed dungeons and locations, each of which can be run as a one-shot session or slotted neatly into your home campaign. Download a Qubicle template here. Sockets and plugs connect the individual blueprints to each other.

If you are familiar with modding, these are comparable with reference points AP's.

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In basics the ". If you use an advanced text editor and set the syntax to the "properties"-type, the file will be formatted in a more readable format. This type of file also uses the character " " for comments. See the image below for an example. This can be used to your advantage if you desire to create a rare version of your dungeon.

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But in other cases, you do want to increase options on the looks of your dungeon. In this dungeon, he wanted to have all possible biomes as the final room, each with multiple variations.

Best/preferred voxel editor for dungeons/lairs?

Better Lairs and Dungeons - Kindle edition by Jack Doozer, Clay Telfer. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. Better Lairs and Dungeons has 8 ratings and 1 review. Steve said: The writing was at times sophomoric and cliche-ridden at times but I'm.

These limited him in the possible number of options. To extend the possible options we used a simple 4-way blocker pattern, to create an if-then chain to extend the possible options. In the end he still had enough plugs and sockets left for future biomes.

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The game will still try to fit all the other pieces, so in theory, this could make your dungeon perform badly if you add too many options. In the example above, the game will still try and fit all 12 pieces. The available amount of plugs and sockets should suffice in most cases, but the bigger the dungeon, the sooner these can limit your imagination.

Game Changes for Returning Players. Modding Chapter 0: Let's get you into Modding. Rendering from Qubicle to Blender Chapter 0: Part 1 Rules and Voxels. Dungeon and Lair Creation pro-tips.

Dungeon Master Resources: ‘D&D’ Lairs and Locations

Defiance Crossover Rewards Skulking Skitterling. Build restrictions and build tips Dungeon pieces tips Enter the Metaforge: Plugs and Sockets Enter the Metaforge: More Decoration and other Gameplay stuff The. Lair boundary matrix Dungeon boundary matrix Shadow dungeon boundary matrix with player spawn position set All colored plugs, for when you want to organize your matrixes.

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