The Bride of Willow Creek

The Promise of Jenny Jones 3 stars. The Bride of Willow Creek 2 stars. Jan 16, Victoria rated it really liked it.

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I love Maggie Osborne books. She is such a great storyteller, and her western-romance books are the most entertaining, hilarious, fresh, and unique stories out there. I loved the main characters Angie and Sam, and also the two little girls, Daisy and Lucy. The way MO weaves children's characters into her stories is truly outstanding. All in all, not a bad read, but definitely not as goo I love Maggie Osborne books.

I recommend this book to readers that enjoy light western-romance. Feb 13, Cheesecake marked it as toread-never-ever. Misunderstandings perpetuated by lack of communication til the last few pages. A cheating bigamist of a hero who is in NO way a hero.

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Overly stubborn prideful MCs. So even though it's on sale for 99cents Feb 02, MB What she read rated it it was ok Shelves: I found the man's stubborn personality to be a real problem. Angie didn't bother me after the first. She was young and made mistakes.

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I grew to admire her determination to do right and liked her feistiness. But I really don't think his stubborness was ultimately honorable. Instead, because of I found the man's stubborn personality to be a real problem. Instead, because of his pride, he chose to keep it a secret and hurt his relationships with a lot of people. Including exposing the children to being labeled as bastards?!

All because his pride was hurt by her father?! I don't think that was honorable behavior!

The bride of Willow Creek

Just the kind of man who's so stubborn that he'll warp the world to keep from going back to admit and correct mistakes he made. Not hero material IMO. Mar 19, Charlie rated it it was ok. This was a somewhat painful book to finish, but it was mercifully short. Would have expected more from an author whose previous books I read were entertaining and almost inspirational.

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Also I hated the 'Italians are passionate' stereotype. At least one star was lost sol This was a somewhat painful book to finish, but it was mercifully short. At least one star was lost solely because of that. I was pleasantly surprised with this book. It was a little bit different and not as predictable as a lot of lithe books that I've read recently. The people in the story had a lot of character, even the secondary people. I will be looking at more control's by this author.

Apr 12, shms rated it liked it Shelves: A pleasant romance, if a little frustrating when both MC's seem a little immature and don't have the conversation they should be having. Bah, niente di che. E, comunque, che "ommemmerd" I appreciated the authenticity of the times, the heroine's cooking and laundry skills somewhat amazed me given her upbringing. Both the main characters were stubborn which was a drawback, but I enjoyed the story.

Mar 05, Linda rated it it was amazing.

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This was a very good book. It is based in Willow Creek, CO a gold mining town. In the end they all got there dreams. But you have to read it to find out. Sep 12, Sedoo Ashivor rated it liked it Shelves: I'd have rated this one two stars. The writing's very good but the story itself is poor. However, the ending warmed my heart and upgraded the story to a three-star for me.

I still took too long a time finishing it, especially with this year's challenge breathing down my neck. Aug 15, Megan rated it it was amazing. A fantastic read that kept me absorbed the whole time I read it. Dec 06, Saydada rated it it was ok. I love Maggie Osborne's writing. But I find it impossible to fall in love with the hero,Sam. That's why I gave 2 stars. An unpleasant hero who wronged 2 different women out of misplaced pride? Sep 16, kate rated it really liked it Shelves: A reread for me and thank god I still liked it. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking the first time I reviewed a book.

But Maggie Osborne seems to hold up better then most for me. Dec 29, Kelly Boyce rated it it was amazing.

The Bride of Willow Creek by Maggie Osborne

I'm a huge Maggie Osborne fan and always enjoy her books. It was nice to see such a mature, considerate heroine. I also appreciated the realistic portrayal of life in the developing West. Consequently, he, Angie, and the girls live in a small house and deal with the unending daily grind of surviving.

The way Osborne writes about this daily grind makes it seem interesting and bearable. Angie actually derives some greater self-esteem from being able to successfully manage a house and family. I liked watching her become more capable and self-assured. The Bride of Willow Creek was a very enjoyable reading experience. It is a well written, tender, gently funny story of restored love and second chances. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Buy The Bride of Willow Creek: Rachel Potter Review Date: October 19, Publication Date: From the Paperback edition.

She has won numerous awards from… More about Maggie Osborne. Maggie Osborne is a storyteller who consistently delivers all three. Historical Romance Western Romance Category: Historical Romance Western Romance. Also by Maggie Osborne. See all books by Maggie Osborne. Inspired by Your Browsing History.