The Winning Mindset for Leadership

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In my second post in the series, titled Leader-as-Person , I showed you that how you lead is a result of who you are and offered some ways in which you can figure out who you are. This post extends my discussion of Leader-as-Person by exploring the role that your mindset plays in how you approach your leadership. I define mindset as the attitudes, beliefs, and expectations you hold that act as the foundation of who you are, how you lead, and the ways in which you interact with your team.

Your mindset is so influential because it determines how you think about and interpret situations, your emotional reactions, the decisions you make, and the actions you take. Your mindset directly impacts the quality of your relationships, the interactions you have, and the way you lead. It also sets the tone for your organization and determines the kind of experiences your people have in their work lives.

There are four mindsets that I believe are important to have to be the most effective leader you can be. The foundation of leadership is a determined and unwavering commitment to lead, perform, and succeed. The amount of commitment that you bring to your role sends a powerful message of commitment to those with whom you work.

That will only lead to the basics of business success getting done. As a leader, you must be passionate , meaning you are truly driven to lead and excel.

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The first mindset involves the degree of accountability you are willing to assume in your role in your company. I am responsible for everything. A failure by others is a failure by me. If you want your team to perform at its highest level, you must first do so.

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The reality is that good is no longer good enough in the global and connected business world. Economic instability and competition from around the world makes it so that what was once sufficient to succeed now will only guarantee failure. The most successful leaders and companies know that nothing but the best is good enough to survive in the current business climate. The problem is that if you get so busy in the day-to-day machinations of corporate life, you forget to look ahead to see what might be coming up. What lies ahead may be a great opportunity waiting to be embraced or a multi-car crash that you need to avoid.

I would like to conclude with an exercise that I hope will raise your awareness of your mindset in these four areas and, if necessary, help you make a shift in a more productive direction. First, rate yourself on a scale on each mindset where one is the lowest level of each and ten is the highest. Second, if you rated yourself at a level that warrants improvement, identify specific and actionable steps you can take to improve each of the four mindsets.

Your comment gave me a good chuckle, though I know that it is a source of great frustration for people at work. Featuring exclusive insights, tips and techniques from international sports stars, coaches, neuroscientists and performance experts, this is the ultimate performance hack to transform the way you lead yourself and others.

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We kick off by assessing your current strengths, establishing the key areas to focus on during the programme. We re-assess at the end of the programme to measure your progress.

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