The Mourning Wars

They held their own against European influences leading up to the American Revolution and were able to successfully for the most part navigate relations with the French, the British and the American Colonies. A brief explanation of the concept goes something like this: If an Iroquois tribe member died or was killed in battle, the family would often replace them with a captured member of another Native American tribe. In order to make this happen, Iroquois warriors would have to go and kidnap individuals from other tribes. So if your aunt was killed when another tribe raided your village, you would seek to replace her and this is a literal replacement.

Another woman most likely resembling your late aunt would be captured from another tribe and then would be adopted into your family. She would take over the role of your aunt in the family and would fulfill her previous work within society. If the newly adopted member fulfilled her new role and was compliant, then things tended to go pretty smoothly and she would be accepted as a replacement.

If this woman did not adapt to her new role quickly, or even worse, she pushed back against it, she could be executed. This is the idea of too large powers battling it out at a location, most likely lining up and trying to demolish each other. Armies were willing to sacrifice a good proportion of their soldiers in order to achieve victory. We can even point to things like sieges where huge portions of an army would be expected to perish. For Western powers, this was possible because they often had larger populations that allowed for this type of sacrifice without disrupting their culture and population.

Furthermore, Western wars were usually fought over land and resources so you needed to remove your enemy from the land.

The Iroquois, contrary to Western powers, did not have the luxury of expendable members of the tribes. They had much smaller numbers than the European powers and these numbers got significantly smaller after the Europeans brought smallpox and other diseases into the Americas.

There was no such honor in dying on the battlefield in Iroquois culture. Honor came from being a great warrior and great warriors were smart enough to realize how to not die on the battlefield. Popular Lessons Promotion Strategies in Marketing: Create an account to start this course today.

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European Warfare vs. Mourning Wars

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Why do nations go to war? There may be more reasons than you'd expect. In this lesson, we are going to explore Iroquois mourning wars and see what. Back in college, I studied the Iroquois briefly and I remember reading about a concept called “Mourning Wars.” The term has stuck with me as.

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Native American Warfare in the East: Mourning Wars

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Goals of the Mourning Wars

The nature of blood feuds meant that they were almost impossible to stop once they had begun. Based on a true story of a girl named Eunice whose family was captured by a tribe of Native Americans. Not in the mood to finish a boring book. Phone Number Don't worry. David Vanness rated it really liked it May 20, I stole my wife's copy before she could open it and read it straight through. He replied that they would not kill the English prisoners, but give them to the French, and keep some for themselves; but he expected to be burned.

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Why Did the Iroquois Fight Mourning Wars?

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Native American Warfare in the East: Mourning Wars

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