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4 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Brand’s Flash Sale

For the female subscribers, they pulled in product recommendations based on past buying and browsing behavior. As you can see in the example below, they remind subscribers about timeframes for ordering custom gifts in the product recommendations at the bottom of the email. The result of the test speaks for itself: To get the data you need to take your personalization to the next level, you may need to think outside of the box. In this case, Heirlume had to use a proprietary algorithm to figure out the gender of the their email addresses.

But the extra effort was well worth it. Case-Mate sells premium smartphone cases. First, they figured out the right day and time for the flash sale based on when they got the most traffic and conversions. They noticed they got a lot of traffic on Sundays, but more conversions on Mondays.

So they went with Monday, December 7th, as the date for the first flash sale. The first one was sent at 11 a. The second one was sent at 7 p. Social media postings were sent out in the morning to coordinate with the timing of the first emails. Our Flash Sale Starts Tonight!

Given this success, they decided to follow up with another one just two weeks later. This time, they fixed a few things though:. The second sale also performed amazingly well, enough for the team to plan to add flash sales as a regular marketing practice.

The Ecommerce Guide to Flash Sales (With Examples)

Here were the results:. Case-Mate found ways to use past customer data like site visits and conversion rates to approach this sales promotion in an informed way, and it paid off big time. Thinking of a way to stand out from the crowd is no small endeavor, but Airbnb did this in a big way in Rather than focusing on an end-of-year promotion, they focused on doing something that would connect the Airbnb users to each other. Hold off on announcements until the last minute. You will need to fine tune this depending on your target market and the message of your flash sale.

1. Heirlume’s Personalized Product Recommendations Drive 3% Lift in CTR

Your goal is to announce it early enough for you to advertise the sale and build the hype, but not so early that you start cutting into your normal bookings because people are waiting for the sale. Hopefully, you've cultivated a team of ambassadors and agents who can help you organically spread the word. Announce it on every social media channel you have and via emails.

Invest in a short term, well targeted SEM campaign. Make sure your plan and budget to market your flash sale is in place early.

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Saving money and time here will kill your sale and waste the effort you put into building it. Social media should be a key focus of your sale as it is the ideal place to announce and engage with your customers. Use Facebook and Twitter to actively engage with customers during the sale.

3 Email Marketing Experiments That Work

Keep the conversation going, respond to questions, and problems. The team handling your sale needs to be able to relate to the target customer group on their level and engage with them accordingly. Are they refundable or transferable? Are there any limitations? Be clear and transparent to ensure everyone who books a trip at a discounted price understands the limitations. You should also be prepared to handle some complaints due to buyer's remorse in the days following the sale. Have a plan in mind on how your team will deal with the complaints and requests to change times or dates.

A flash sale is a deal between you and the customer, you are offering a significantly reduced ticket and they are agreeing to buy it with the limitations attached.

What is a flash sale?

Have a plan in mind on how your team will deal with the complaints and requests to change times or dates. Want to learn more about TrekkSoft's other features? Giving large discounts is a way to pay it forward to your customers and earn their love. Did you just launch a new trip and want to get the word out? Conclusion Running a Flash Sale can be an easy way for your company to get a boost of bookings and is a great tool to add to your Marketing Toolbox. It's not long until we attend World Travel Market , London, for another year. Flash sales work because you are giving something back to your customers.

If you are using TrekkSoft you can find more information on updating your Terms of Service here. Running a Flash Sale can be an easy way for your company to get a boost of bookings and is a great tool to add to your Marketing Toolbox. Each time will result in an increase in bookings, and an increase in your fanbase. When you do get it right, the results of a Flash Sale can be amazing. Good luck and have fun with it! Variable pricing and yield management special prices.

They use variable pricing and yield management to sell different seats on different dates, optimizing the distribution of their bookings. TrekkSoft gives you a simple to use set of tools to do the same thing. Using the scheduling, price categories and special prices tools you can create a trip calendar that offers different prices on different seats on different trips.

This is a great way of offering a limited number of discounted seats on specific trips. Gift codes and agent codes. TrekkSoft makes it simple for you to create Gift Codes to give discounts on trips. You distribute the gift codes and when customers enter it during the booking process, they receive a discount on the cost of their trip.

Make the Most of Your Flash Email Blasts

Learn how to run a flash sale, and check out examples of successful ecommerce flash sales to Choose the right product for your ideal market. They need practical, logical reasons and uses for flash selling, to instead allocate resources toward developing marketing and sales Successful flash sales can more than double sales orders in a short amount of time.

Gift codes can also be assigned to an agent or promoter as a way to incentivize the brand ambassadors that are helping you spread the word about your sale. If a gift code is attached to an ambassador, the reporting allows both you and the agent to track bookings and commission owed. Voucher codes have a fixed cash value and are used as a type of payment during the checkout process. Vouchers are great as rewards for flash sales that involve an element of gameification.

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The Truth About Overnight or “Flash Success” in Direct Selling

Tour Guides 10 qualities every good tour guide needs. TrekkSoft Users Two ways to easily collect payments from your customers. TrekkSoft was founded to address the needs of our local tour and activity industry in Interlaken, Switzerland. We understand the industry and you can rely on our team to onboard your business, introduce you to digital best practice, and guide you to success from the start.

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What is the goal of your flash sale? Did you just launch a new trip and want to get the word out? Do you want to move guests from busy days of the week and give them an incentive to book on days you are not busy? Is your goal to build business during your low season?