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I hope I get to see the kind Haseo when I'm around.

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Let's form a part and go adventuring some time soon! Sincerely, Atoli [End 'Hello! My favorite food is I guess it would be beef bowls. Me Too] I like beef bowls too. I often stop by somewhere to eat them on my way back from school. Oh, I go to beef bowl places like Yoshidaya occasionally, but most of the time I just make them at home on my own. I like them to be sweeter than those made in restaurants, and this way I can also add in tofu and shirataki potato starch noddles as I like.

LOL Pick something more girly and cute next time. LOL But they're so yummy! Besides, I make them myself, you know. You've got it together more than I thought. My parents both work, and they always come home late, so I've gotten used to making dinner all by myself. It's kind of depressing going to all the trouble to cook just for one person. I just wish there was someone I could make extra for. By the way, do you prefer Western-style breakfasts or Japanese-style breakfasts? What else do you like? I have lots of things I don't like. I can't stand most vegetables the onions in beef bowls are an exception I get goose bumps just thinking about celery, or peppers, or peas.

By the way Haseo, do you prefer Western-style breakfasts or Japanese-style breakfasts? Japanese] I always have miso soup and white rice for breakfast. It's amazing you always cook rice in the morning. Oh wait, sorry, that would be your mother wouldn't it? LOL My favorite ingredient to add to miso soup are shijimi clams! Whenever I make it myself, I always put in shijimi clams and tofu.

I always make sure to use seaweed broth too. I bet there aren't many high school girls who can cook like I can. Western] I always have toast for breakfast. Or rather, I often just go without breakfast. I never seem to get very hungry in the morning. Does that ever happen to you? Take care of yourself too, Haseo. Sincerely, Atoli [End 'How are you? To love is not to look only at one another. It is to look together, in the same direction. It's a little different from a personal motto, but they're words that remain in my heart even now.

Ideals] You sound like a girl with high ideals. In more ways than one.

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I don't think that's the case. I just think everyone else gives up on their ideals too soon. Do you have someone to look with you in the same direction? Together] Someone to look together in the same direction with? I guess that's one way to think of it. The only people I have like that for me are in "The World.

Yeah] I think that I've been trying to get that back. Still, I'm just happy you opened up to me a bit. If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know! I want to do anything I can to help you. It's not something I tell others. But if there's anything I can do to help you, just let me know! Thanks] Thanks for the offer. There's no need to thank me. I want to get to know you better. I want to look in the same direction as you. Not Your Concern] Don't you get that even good intentions turn bad if you're too damn nosy about other people's business? I guess we keep getting angry at each other because we're looking at each other.

I wish I could look in the same direction as you. It was so unexpected, I was really surprised! I think this cute card is going to become a favorite of mine. Sure, the flowers are really nice, but what really makes me happy are the feelings behind them. D I think this is the first time a guy gave me flowers. It's nothing] I just sent it out because I had more cards than I needed. That's fine, I'm still just happy that you thought to send it to me. I think this is the first time a guy gave me flowers. First Guy] Geez, I'm amazed you can say things like that with a straight face.

This is kind of awkward. I guess, sorry your first flowers came from a jerk like me. I'm perfectly happy with that. I'm going to treasure them forever. The reason I joined Moon Tree is because I wanted everyone in "The World" to experience the kind of happiness that I'm feeling right now. Memory] So I'm the first?

That should make for a nice memory. Thank you so very much. Card] If I get a hold of more cards, I'll send you another one. D Now I have something else to look forward to. I just hope more interactions like this spread throughout "The World. Your feelings] I hope those feelings you have get across to as many people as they can. If nothing else, I have a feeling that they've at least gotten across to you. What are your hobbies? Must be tough] Doesn't it get tough taking care of three birds? I love taking care of them every day. Hand-perching sparrows are really friendly, so you have to be sure to play with them every day.

They've all got such distinct personalities, so it's a lot of fun. Caged birds] I feel bad for the birds trapped in cages. I know what you mean, but if everyone did that then nobody would be able to keep pets at all Your sparrows] What are their names and personalities? My pink sparrow, Bun, loves to play rough and tug at my hair.

My white sparrow, Haku, is a quiet and refined young woman. She loves taking baths. Mon has cinnamon-colored wings and is known as a cinnamon type of sparrow. He's the only who isn't a hand-perching sparrow. He'll always be singing along merrily by himself, and sometimes he gets the other two to sing along. Free] Do you let them run around freely? I really should let them run around my room and let them get some exercise, but it's a huge job to clean up after them when they're done.

Theirs names are Bun, Haku and Mon. They're all named after their particular species. Atoli] Come to think of it, your character's name was also taken from a bird, right? Thank you so much Haseo!! An Atoli is a small bird that resembles a swallow. It's a migrating bird, that works hard every year to make the long trip from Russia to Japan. Your taste in coming up with names is just I know, I know, I have no sense for naming. I already knew that without you telling me, Haseo I will defeat you! Age] Seriously, how old are you? I'm 17 and a sophomore in high school.

I'm 24 and living paycheck to paycheck and proud of it. Currently, I'm working part-time at CC Corp. I've found that saying I work at CC Corp is a great way to meet girls, even part-time: I'm in Kanazawa, actually. Pi and Yata both live in Tokyo though. Salary] How's the pay for G. I'm not getting anything from them.

Pretty good for where I live, but probably not much for someone in Tokyo. Basically, it's a little extra help with my expenses? Someday] I hope we can meet up someday. We should go to a mixed party sometime! By the way] Did you find a girlfriend yet? There's nothing like a single e-mail or a single card to show what someone really thinks of you. In that sense, they do more to touch one's heart, more valuable than any expensive present.

LOL Never ask a single guy. You know what I'm talking about, right? Just Reference] Just curious what it's like living by yourself. What do you usually eat? Well when I was working at the supermarket or fast food joint they gave me food that expired. Pi said you're still in high school. I'll give you some tips on getting good jobs once you go out on your own. I've done lots of jobs. Blackmail] See if I can blackmail you later. The hardest part about living by yourself is when you get sick.

It's not pretty when you're down with a cold. I can even fall in love with the nice little old ladies at the drug store. Work] So, what do you do right now? Right now I work part-time at an arcade. And I also work part-time for G. Oh, don't say that to Pi. And I get to eat some take-out again tonight. What do you mean "Okay"? LOL Do I look married to you? I'm not that old well these days people think you're old even if you're in your twenties.

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And a take-out dinner is waiting for me tonight. Girlfriend] Don't you have a girlfriend? Not right now I don't. There were lots of girls that I wouldn't have minded, but things always get ugly and blow up on me, it was partially my fault for not being clearer. I could never figure out where the line between a friend and a lover was, you know? I get lots of calls from friends who are girls.

Usually, they want me to come to even the numbers or talk about their problems with work or relationships. Sometimes they just want me to help them with moving, or do stuff for them. Geez, I feel so used. Never forget your real life. Pi] What about Pi? You look like you two would get along well.

She doesn't have time for some lowly worker monkey like me. And she shot me down without any hesitation. Basically she said, "You don't want me.

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You just want a girlfriend. Maybe that's why I'm so easily misunderstood. Not only do I keep getting turned down in real life, but I've been on a streak of getting dumped online, too. I'm not picking them up, I just want to be friends with them. Though it takes a hell of a lot of effort to talk to girls online. I mean, you only talk through e-mails and chat.

So things that can be easily avoided in the real world get tangled up when it's online. God, I hate it. Your Fault] So you're two-timing your online girls with your offline girls? LOL I can make many love flowers bloom, but I can't seem to grab hold of a single love fruit I think it went downhill when my girlfriend dumped me back in high school. Respect] Whatever else I may think about you, Kuhn. I have to respect your sheer vitality when it comes to that stuff. Well life is better when you're having fun.

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You've always got to try hard to accomplish that. I think it all went downhill when my girlfriend dumped me back in high school. Your high school girlfriend] What was your high school girlfriend like? She was a great girl with well-kept eyebrows. She was kind of uptight. Now that I look back, it's pretty obvious why she dumped me, since I was still just a kid back then.

Now, I know I can be a little nicer to her, but of course it's too late now. No Principle] It's because you've got no principle. You may think that you're being clear about who you're interested in and who you're just friendly, but the way see it, you're just another jock. LOL It's not what I think. It's how the other person feels. Man, am I gonna be like this the rest of my life? LOL [End 'How are you? LOL Weren't cards with the word "gift" in their name supposed to be really rare?

I'm in love with you LOL So even you joke around like this sometimes. I'm kind of surprised. I guess you can learn things about someone through e-mail you just can't learn anywhere else. You know, If I were given flowers by a guy in real life, I'd be running away like crazy, but online, I guess it doesn't bother me. Don't read too much] Don't bother reading too much into it. Thanks] No, thank you.

I really am grateful to you. You know, the word "thank you" is a nice word. I want to be able to say that in the real world. I think the only time I've gotten flowers in real life was when I was in the hospital. Unlucky] I'm just lending a loving hand to poor, unlucky Kuhn. It is "help out Kuhn" week, after all. What kind of week is that? Flowers] Have you ever sent flowers to anyone? I'm not really a type of guy to send flowers. I'm more into giving my heart to a girl and make flowers bloom in her heart.

Hospitalized] When were you in the hospital?

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It was a couple of years ago. Your perspective on life really changes when you face death. I usually go to 50 of them a year! Womanizing] Don't let your womanizing get out of hand. It'll backfire on you someday. It already has ; You're a lot more uptight than I thought you were, Haseo.

How is it a bad thing to have fun with girls? After all, there's no better experience in this life than the meeting of a man and a woman!! I'm jealous] Mixed parties, eh I'm kind of jealous. Of course, I'm always broke thanks to them too. If you're interested, shall I invite you along next time? I bet they'd like you a lot. Tips] Can you tell me some tips for mixed parties?

Second, pretend that when girls have fun, it's fun for you too. We'll talk after you get these down: Love is solving the curse placed on a girl. Every girl is secretly waiting for a prince to come and rescue her: Salvador Aihara] You know, Kuhn You remind me of Salvador Aihara Geez, you really know how to hurt a guy: D I mean, that guy's already a work of art on his own: Invite me] I won't tell Pi, so be sure to invite me next time: D I'd be glad to have you whenever it works out for you: D Just be warned that you might have to take the Shinkansen or a plane to get here.

You'd have to make sure that the trip pays off! So, what is it you're going to defeat me at? E-mail addresses] Oh yeah, just how many girls' addresses do you have in your cell phone anyway? My current goal is to make Pi's private address the th. Don't tell Pi that All right then, how many girls' addresses do you have in your cell phone?

Not interested] A girls' e-mail address competition? Come now come now! I bet you're really just dying to know, ain't cha? I have myself. All girls, of course. All right, so how many girls' addresses do you have in your cell phone? Eleven] Um, about Wow, that's just about what I expected. Come on now, that's no good! You've gotta enjoy your youth while it lasts! If you like, why don't I give you a few pointers for asking a girl out? I'm not saying] Why should I have to tell you! Now now, no need to get all worked up about it.

When you get to be my age I'm sure you'll become as close to as many girls as I have. Teach me] Please teach me all you know, Professor Kuhn! All right then, listen for some secret techniques from Sniper Kuhn that'll woo any female from 8 to 80! The most important element for getting a girl is sincerity! Girls are naturally weak to being treated nicely by men!

They can't help it! What's more, they have more pride than a group of lions! This means that you first have to act humble and make sure she's happy. Oh, but don't get the wrong idea. Acting humble isn't all about putting the girl up on a pedestal or anything. First you'll want to watch her closely. Learn what she sees, learn what she enjoys, and learn what makes her angry. Once you've got all that and have it firmly planted inside your head, it's time to make a move! No thanks] Why would I want to take a class by you!

Hell, I bet I know what it would be like without even attending. It'd actually be a class to teach me how to get dumped by a girl after I thought we were both going out but then she told me "I'm sorry, I thought we were just friends", right? H, how did you know that I'm not giving up until I meet my true love once and for all! I'd love to know how your brain works.

I've researched you in detail. I'm 24 But didn't you ever learn that it's rude to ask a woman her age? That and take care of my cat. Don't worry, I know all about you. Your address, your phone number, even what you were doing just yesterday. But, I guess that's a little unfair. Fine, I'll answer just one question truthfully. I want to know all about you What on earth are you saying Name] Okay, what's your real name? Are we finished now? Measurements] Okay, what are your measurements? I don't need something like this.

But I was impressed by your unexpected show of etiquette. You get high marks for that at least. I guess I go out for most of my meals. There are lots of great places to eat around where I work. They've got everything, from Italian, French, Chinese, and Japanese. Of course, they're all a bit expensive, but what can you do. It's not like I have anything else to spend my money on. I cycle through my business suits, so I don't need to replace them much. And there's no point in buying cute casual clothes, because I rarely have a chance to wear them.

And honestly, I could care less about brand names and the latest fashion. Your Age] You're not getting any younger.

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If you don't start eating better it's going to start to show. LOL You've got a lot of nerve saying that to a woman you don't really know about. It's sad you can only have your age going for you. If you're that concerned about me, could you try not being so idiotic when I'm trying to teach you new things?

That would make my job a lot easier. Workaholic] Yeah, I can totally see you just slaving away. You busy every day? So you want to know what I eat? Well, I love seafood, but only if it tastes good. On my days off, I'd make my way to the fish market, or just drive by the ocean.


The "Peach Orchard Oath" took place in whose garden? You and I are not on equal footing. Just in case] Let me ask this just in case Customers who viewed this item also viewed. You must be one of those online junkies. Yes Ma'am] Yes ma'am. For me i had to gradually reduce my meals.

It's just not the same unless they're freshly caught. I'll have you know I grew up in a fishing village when I was little. But if you're that concerned about me, could you try not being so idiotic when I'm trying to teach you new things? I'm never home long enough to cook. I usually fall asleep as soon as I get home. So my state of the art kitchen is still spankin' new. And all I have in my fridge is beer and ice. I also keep snacks around for when I drink. About the only cooking I do at home is opening cans of cat food for my cat.

Yes Ma'am] Yes ma'am. D I'll be a good boy. LOL Blech, that was so not cute. I'll take my cat over you any day. Your Cat] What's your cat's name? He's an Abyssinian male and each of his eyes is a different color. I bought him at the pet store on a whim and raised him from a kitten.

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This volume of FAQs About How To Eat To Live--the first of many to come, Allah Elijah Muhammad in the books How To Eat To Live (Books 1 and 2). How To Eat To Live, Book 2 by Elijah Muhammad Paperback $ The How To Eat To Live Essential Companion To Books 1 & 2: A Comprehensive.

I can't tell you his name since no one knows his name except for me. Food you don't like] So what don't you like to eat? I can't stand the fish they sell at the supermarket. You should worry about your own health. If you get sick, it's going to effect G. Secret] You mean the more you want to keep something secret, the easier it is to be found out? I don't think that's the same thing as a motto. I guess it's more like don't be so careless as to let slip what you're really thinking. E-mails are logged, and you never know who might have access to those logs online. I don't want to leave my thoughts or feelings in e-mail.

It hurts to re-read them. Hiding] Are you hiding something from me? It's not the time for you to know what they are. I wonder if the time will come when I will tell them all? It all depends on you. And they're not the kind of things that should be conveyed by e-mail. You and I are not on equal footing.

If you think it's so unfair, I'll tell you just a little bit about myself. What would you like to know? It's not like I know you inside and out. After all, your emotions jump around so much that I frequently find you incomprehensible. If you think that's so unfair, I'll tell you just a bit about myself. No] I don't care about your hobbies.

God, you're such a brat. Fine, be that way. But let me tell you one thing. In the real world, most things won't go your way. People that can't compromise with the rest of the world will only suffer and get hurt. Not that I'm qualified to tell you anything. Hobbies] Okay, what are your hobbies?

Driving around in my car. I haven't been able to go out much, though. I drive a red convertible. Of course, the only gentleman who rides in my passenger seat is my cat. Why on earth would you send me flowers? Is this some kind of joke? Beloved Pi] To my beloved Pi. LOL I knew it. You were just baiting me. I should have known better than to be impressed by you. Seriously, a flower gift card. You should have sent something like that to Atoli. Think about how you've treated me.

Still, I don't mind accepting them as a token of your reform. They weren't too bad, after all But seriously, a flower gift card. For You] I wanted you to have them. Well, aren't you cute. Are you having fun giving me a hard time? You're not nearly this nice. But don't go around hurting Atoli carelessly.

She's a lot more innocent than I am. Flowers] You don't like flowers? I don't think there's a woman alive who doesn't live getting flowers. If it wasn't the flowers that upset her, then it must have been something else. Like the one who sent them. I'm glad] I'm glad you accepted them. I don't know what to say. You really are confusing. I suppose I should say thanks. I don't have very good memories when it comes to flowers since the only time I buy them is when I go to the cemetery.

Failed Attempt] I guess the flower gift failed. Aside from that, I'd say looking for useful freeware. What on earth do you want to compete in? Knowledge] We'll compete with our knowledge! I'll have you know I get pretty good grades at my school. I'd be fine with competing on a test on one of your best subjects. But you should know that it physically pains me that there are people out there like you who think one's ability to study determines their net worth as a human.

Jokes] We'll compete with our jokes! I may not look like it, but I'm pretty popular in my class. It would be impossible to judge a contest based on something as ambiguous as humor. Stamina] Okay, then let's compete in stamina! I'm pretty confident in my sports abilities. Exactly how do you plan to pit our stamina against each other online? Not to mention trying to get a girl to compete with a man in stamina Fine, go ahead and make me the loser then.

Competitive eating] Okay, then let's compare with eating! It'll be a whole new kind of food fight! That's so low-level I can barely stand to talk about it. I'm sorry] I'm sorry. I won't do that again. You're no fun] You're no fun, Pi. Well excuse me for being a boring girl. I'm sure you wouldn't have any fun being with me anyway So you want to know more about me, eh This is kind of embarrassing: I'm 19 and in college. I never would have thought that you were younger than me: I guess it really is hard to tell someone's age online. Alone] I forget, do you live by yourself? Yup, ever since I started college.

But, it's a Japanese style room. I'd like to move somewhere closer to school that gets more sunlight. I go to college in Sendai and major in liberal arts. College] Do you like college? It's hard to say whether or not college work is fun. I do have some classes I like though. I still can't believe that I'm going to have to write a thesis and look for a job someday though.

Future dreams] What's your dream for the future? I guess I'd like to be a journalist or a reporter some day. That's not much of a dream though. Girlfriend] Do you have a girlfriend? Most of the cute girls already have boyfriend, after all. I'm not like Kuhn, so I'm not really the type to go out to parties and meet girls. It made me feel like you recognized me as a friend. Thank you again, and I'm looking forward to our continued adventures! I love sashimi and grilled fish. I've been thinking I need to do something healthy, so I've taken up jogging.

I tire really easily, though. Jogging] Where do you run? It's a course that takes me along a local river to a nearby park. There's a line of cherry blossom trees along the way. I bet they get really pretty during springtime. I'd say I usually run about 2 miles at a pace so slow even my grandmother would pass me. Think you can keep it up?

Yeah, since I run pretty slowly. It's tough to manage my time. Usually it's my sleep that ends up taking the biggest hit. But I can't stop playing "The World," even if everyone thinks I'm an online junkie! Online Junkie] You use your portable to play "The World" outside? You must be one of those online junkies. So you've seen those news reports too. I wonder why I always seem to relax whenever the media starts talking about things like that. I guess it's because it lets me know that I'm not the only one.

Still, I can't stop playing "The World," even if everyone thinks I'm an online junkie! Canard] Wow, you're really passionate about Canard. I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. Believe me, I know what you mean, but right now, my work in Canard is what's most meaningful for me. It taught me that responsibility isn't something thrust upon you, but something that you take on for yourself. I want to be serious about my activities in Canard for people who need me and for me as well.

Turn back now] The next time you're in the city, take a good, hard look at the people playing "The World" on their portables. They look really stupid. LOL Think hard about what you're doing. You're right, I'll cut down on it so it doesn't affect my schoolwork. Thanks for the advice! That's so you] "Apply oneself. It just means that it would be great if people could get along and have fun. You know, to encourage your companions and together become better people. Anyway, it's all much easier said than done. You're not the first one to tell me that, but I never really cared for that image.

Anyway, it's easier said than done. Canard] Well, you're always applying yourself in Canard, right? That's because everyone's so nice to me. There really are lots of nice people online. You can do things that would embarrass you in real life like they're nothing. Lately I've been volunteering in real life too. I think Canard's had a real influence on me! Act] There's no point in just thinking things over unless you act upon it.

I guess it's important to think things through, but there're lots of things that can't be conveyed unless you act. Volunteer] What kind of volunteer work did you do? Well, do you remember the tanker that had an accident and spilled a lot of crude oil nearby? I helped clean up the oil that flowed down to the shore. I didn't realize how hard it was until I actually tried it. I want to be someone who can do things when things need to be done. Impressive] That's really impressive. But I'm not doing these things so I can get compliments. You should help people who are in need. I just want to be, you know, true to my feelings.

I'm not quite sure on how to put it, but volunteering is something I do for myself as well as others. Flower Gift] Thanks for the greeting card! This is the first time I've ever seen a flower gift card! Those are supposed to be really rare, right? Are you sure you made the right choice sending it to me? I didn't really know. You didn't know what they are really worth. LOL Unfortunately, you can't get greeting cards back once they've been sent.

I should've told you. For future reference, cards that end with the word "gift" in their names are rare. You might want to give some thought on who to send the next one to. Anyway, I like flowers. Appreciation] Well, you're always helping me out. I figured you would be happy to receive a card like this. Oh, it might be best to not tell Gaspard. He's really into collecting cards. You probably already know this, but cards that end with the word "gift" in their name are rare. We had a small herb garden at my family's house. My mom was always big on gardening. In the previous version of "The World," I heard there was a flower-viewing event you could partake in.

I don't know the details, but it seems like there was a time when they made up a special area, complete with gag items like "sake" and "snacks. Relaxing] What kind of times do you find most relaxing? I guess when I'm connected to "The World. LOL If my mom ever saw me playing, she'd probably get really worried about my future. Live Alone] Your family's house? Does that mean you live on your own? I go to a university in Miyagi. Sendai's a great place to live! Flower viewing] Did you go flower viewing this year?

He wants relief but refuses to obtain it at the price of self-denial. That man is worshiping at the shrine of perverted appetite. He is an idolater. The powers which, sanctified and ennobled, might be employed to honor God, are weakened and rendered of little service. An irritable temper, a confused brain, and unstrung nerves are among the results of his disregard of nature's laws. He is inefficient, unreliable. Close Relation Between Eating and Mind. The close relationship that eating and drinking sustain to the state of one's mind and temper was dwelt upon.

We cannot afford to develop a bad temper through wrong habits of living. Indulgence Greatest Cause of Mental Debility. Mind Confused by Improper Diet. Instead of this, the food should be more simple, and less should be eaten, in order that the mind may be clear and vigorous to comprehend spiritual things. Overeating befogs the brain. The most precious words may be heard and not appreciated, because the mind is confused by an improper diet. By overeating on the Sabbath, many have done more than they think to dishonor God.

Through Appetite Satan Controls Mind. Thousands who might have lived have passed into the grave, physical, mental, and moral wrecks, because they sacrificed all their powers to the indulgence of appetite. God has given us intelligence that we may learn what we should use as food. Shall we not, as sensible men and women, study whether the things we eat will be in agreement or whether they will cause trouble?

People who have a sour stomach are very often of a sour disposition. Everything seems to be contrary to them, and they are inclined to be peevish and irritable. If we would have peace among ourselves, we should give more thought than we do to having a peaceful stomach. Vigor of Mind Depends Upon the Body counsels to writers and ministers.

The health of the mind is to a large degree dependent upon the health of the body, and the health of the body is dependent upon the way in which the living machinery is treated. Eat only that food which will keep your stomach in the most healthy condition. You need to learn more thoroughly the philosophy of taking proper care of yourself in regard to the matter of diet.

Arrange your work so that you can have your meals at regular hours. You must exercise a special care in this matter. Remember that to live the truth as it is in Jesus requires much self-discipline. Irregular hours for eating and sleeping sap the brain forces. The apostle Paul declares that he who would be successful in reaching a high standard of godliness must be temperate in all things. Eating, drinking, and dressing all have a direct bearing upon our spiritual advancement. Overcrowding the Stomach Weakens the Mind. Nature can use no more than is required for building up the various organs of the body, and excess clogs the system.

Many a student is supposed to have broken down from overstudy, when the real cause was overeating. While proper attention is given to the laws of health there is little danger from mental taxation, but in many cases of so-called mental failure it is the overcrowding of the stomach that wearies the body and weakens the mind. Indulgence Blunts Nobler Sentiments of Mind. The great variety of foods often taken at one meal is enough to create a disordered stomach and a disordered temper. Therefore God requires of every human being cooperation with Him, that none may go beyond his proper boundary in overeating or in partaking of improper articles of food.

This indulgence strengthens the animal propensities and blunts the nobler sentiments of the mind. The whole being is degraded, and the human agent becomes the slave of appetite, by pampering and indulging his own groveling sensual passions. Overeating Produced Forgetfulness and Loss of Memory counsel to a gourmand. This is one great cause of your forgetfulness and loss of memory. You say things which I know you have said, and then turn square about and say that you said something entirely different. I knew this, but passed it over as the sure result of overeating.

Of what use would it be to speak about it? It would not cure the evil. Overeating Blunts the Emotions. Strict temperance in eating and drinking is highly essential for the healthy preservation and vigorous exercise of all the functions of the body. Strictly temperate habits, combined with exercise of the muscles as well as of the mind, will preserve both mental and physical vigor and give power of endurance to those engaged in the ministry, to editors, and to all others whose habits are sedentary.

As a people, with all our profession of health reform, we eat too much. Indulgence of appetite is the greatest cause of physical and mental debility, and lies at the foundation of feebleness, which is apparent everywhere. Restrict the Varieties of Food. He who gorges himself with many kinds of food at a meal is doing himself injury. It is more important that we eat that which will agree with us than that we taste of every dish that may be placed before us.

There is no door in our stomach by which we can look in and see what is going on; so we must use our mind, and reason from cause to effect. If you feel all wrought up, and everything seems to go wrong, perhaps it is because you are suffering the consequences of eating a great variety of food. God's Plan for Us.

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We should strive to understand the wonderful science of the matchless compassion and benevolence of God. Those who eat too largely and those who eat unhealthful food bring trouble upon themselves, unfitting themselves for the service of God. It is dangerous to eat meat, for animals are suffering from many deadly diseases. Those who persist in eating the flesh of animals sacrifice spirituality to perverted appetite. Their bodies become full of disease. Meat eating deranges the system, beclouds the intellect, and blunts the moral sensibilities.

Students would accomplish much more in their studies if they never tasted meat. When the animal part of the human agent is strengthened by meat eating, the intellectual powers diminish proportionately. A religious life can be more successfully gained and maintained if meat is discarded, for this diet stimulates into intense activities, lustful propensities, and enfeebles the moral and spiritual nature. We greatly need to encourage and cultivate pure, chaste thoughts and to strengthen the moral powers rather than the lower and carnal powers. God help us to awake from our self-indulgent appetites!

Meat Eating and Disposition. In order to modify the disposition and bring the higher powers of the mind into active exercise, He removed from them the flesh of dead animals. Results of Pork Eating. The mind is affected and the finer sensibilities are blunted by the use of this gross article of food. Imprudent Eater Disqualifies for Counseling. It causes fermentation, and this clouds the brain and brings peevishness into the disposition. And it has been proved that two meals are better than three for the health of the system.